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Mark J. Lang, Attorney at Law - Oregon Criminal Defense
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Charged with a Crime.  Don't be alone.
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Being charged with a crime can be a very scary and confusing situation.  Do not talk to law enforcement until you have help on your side.  You need an experienced attorney by your side protecting your rights.  Mark has over 15 years as being an attorney.  He will help you remain calm and weather the storm.  Whether you are charged with a Sex Offense, Measure 11, Major Felony, DUII/DUI or a misdemeanor Mark will help you.

Maximum prison terms and fines  for felonies 

(1) For a Class A felony, 20 years and $375,000.

(2) For a Class B felony, 10 years  and $250,000.

(3) For a Class C felony, 5 years. $125,000 

Maximum Sentences and fines for misdemeanors. 

(1) For a Class A misdemeanor, 1 year / $ 6,250.

(2) For a Class B misdemeanor, 6 months/ $2,500.

(3) For a Class C misdemeanor, 30 days/ $1,250.


Maximum prison and fines for felonies

  (a) For a class A felony,  a term of life imprisonment and $ 50,000;

  (b) For a class B felony, 10 years and $ 20,000

  (c) For a class C felony, 5 years and $ 10,000

Maximum Sentences and fines for misdemeanors. 

Gross misdemeanor. 364 days jail and $ 5,000

Misdemeanor. 90 days jail and $ 1,000.