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by Mark Lang on 11/11/12

In the next few weeks we will be updating the web page and will be adding new content.  We will be working on adding new videos and new online services.

Legal updates

by Mark Lang on 06/21/12

I am starting a new blog to provide legal updates and information.  Please keep in mind that all legal issues may be different and usually a one size fit all does not fit.  Your situation may be unique.  This blog does not establish legal representation.  

Do I need to pay child support if the other parent won't let me see my children?

I get this question sometimes.  The answer is you have to always pay your child support, even if the other parent won't let you see the children.  A child support order is a court order.  If you willfully fail to pay child support you can be charged with contempt and go to jail.  It is not a defense to stop paying because the other parent won't let you see your kids.  

The better option is to ask the court to help you with getting your parenting time.  You can get the court to enforce your parenting time. If you are in compliance it may be easier to get the court to help you. Remember to not take the law into your own hands.  Take them to court. : ).  I offer assistance to parents wanting to get parenting time enforced.  I believe it is very important for children to know their parents if it is safe.  I offer military discounts, flat fees and payment plans.

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